Youth Cricket Academy


The Youth Cricket Academy (YCA) is well into its sixteenth summer, and has become a crucial step in a cricketer's development. A cricketer needs two assets to succeed; technique and confidence, and these are the two main areas that our experienced coaches focus on. The best schools manage only two team practices a week, while most schools only have time for one practice per week, and in a world where sport is becoming more professional daily, this simply is not enough if a cricketer is to reach his full potential.

The YCA is aimed at Grade 1 to Grade 7 pupils, and is designed to improve any cricketer, from the weakest to the strongest, giving them the technical ability, confidence and maturity to succeed at whatever level they wish to play!

What Children Will Gain at the Youth Cricket Academy

The YCA is a cricket academy, not a school club, and therefore lessons are aimed at constantly improving the young cricketers' level of play. The cricketers will be able to implement their new skills wherever they play their cricket. The weaker players will concentrate all their efforts on mastering the basics before progressing new skills, while the stronger players' talents will be channeled for best results. The cricketers will become far more confident when playing at school; they will have a better grasp of not only the laws, but also the tactical points that are often overlooked. They will start achieving better results on the field and enjoying the game.

The Program

The cricketers who join the YCA will be divided into groups of five or less, according to their individual skill level and age groups. This will ensure that strong players can play to their full potential, and that the weaker players are not exposed to a level of play where they feel out of their depth. The weaker groups will work on the basic cricket skills so that their game will rise to the level of the stronger players. The stronger players will be encouraged to learn drills that are more advanced and work on finer points of their technique to ensure that they keep improving their already high standard of play. The size of the group is designed to give the coach enough cricketers with which to work and do the necessary drills, but also, and very importantly, will keep the groups small enough to ensure that each cricketer will be worked and improved on. Each lesson for grades 3-7 will run for 90 minutes. If the cricketer is in grade 1 or 2 the lesson will be 60 minutes. A child may attend more than once a week if he or she chooses. Each term at the YCA will coincide with the dates of school terms. Every aspect of cricket will be worked on at the YCA, from batting, bowling, fielding and wicket keeping, to the laws of the game, captaincy and teamwork. There will be good quality nets as well as a ball machine and cricket kit available. Video footage of a cricketer’s progress can be made available if prior arrangements have been made with the coach.

The Fees

The fees will be as follows for lessons booked on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays:

• Grade 1 - 7...R1040.00 paid in advance or R350.00 paid monthly. (12 x R80.00 + 1 YCA shirt)

The fees will be as follows for lessons booked on Mondays and Tuesdays:

• Grade 1 - 7...R960.00 paid in advance or R325.00 paid monthly. (11 x R80.00 + 1 YCA shirt)

If a cricketer joins the YCA, they will be there for the term, which will consist of eleven or twelve lessons. Kit will be supplied to the cricketers for use during every lesson. If due to inclement weather a practice is not possible outside, then a theory lesson will take place inside.

Weekly Times

Monday, Wednesday or Friday:

Grade 1 + 2...13:30 - 14:30

Grade 3 - 7... 14:40 - 16:10 16:20 - 17:50

Tuesday or Thursday:

Grade 1 + 2...13:30 - 14:30 14:40 - 15:40

Grade 3 - 7... 15:50 - 17:20


The Youth Cricket Academy’s aim is to improve all the cricketers that attend, teaching them the skills, harnessing their talents, and building their self-confidence so they will not only start enjoying cricket, but start excelling at it! After all, the best cricketers are not born great; they are coached to become great!